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Product Project

Need a room or a mate? We have you covered.

Room+Mates was originally started in the Financial District of New York City. This new location was in the process of transitioning from a financial hub to a fun and 24 hour neighborhood.

To my surprise, the applicants were not just young people starting out, but also older people in transition, new jobs and even new couples saving to purchase a home. Everyone had their own reason to decide to co-live in this early sharing economy.

Today, roommate companies dot the internet. Room+Mates remains a tech company with a human touch. I personally meet the roommates and have enjoyed knowing them over time and seeing them grow from roomies to homeowners.

I loo forward to teaching the new ear of agents this hand-on skills and finding the right home for all who come to us for assistance.


Stef, creator of Room+Mates. An MRG.NYC company/