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MRG.NYC is a real estate brokerage devoted to open source development. Each niche division concentrates on a core section of the real estate industry. Technology development is hand in hand with real agents giving feedback We evolve in real time to offer you tomorrow experience, today.


Started in 2014, Room+Mates addressed the issue of slow to rent apartments in the Financial District. Second, with a market still in recovery, many sought to share to have the luxury amenities they could not yet afford on their own.
Today, our technology is better and faster. We have expanded to all boroughs and made great partners in the industry. If you need a room or a mate, we have both.


Boutique. Unique. The LuxInvestor specialty. Second home or investment property. Put your money to work while enjoying the best life has to offer.


Real Estate Evolved. Transparent. Decentralized. Spring 2020

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Client concierge. Events, services and products to make your new space a home.