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Imprint for MRG.NYC, LLC’s Website (MRG.NYC)

In compliance with applicable legal requirements, this imprint provides information about the website MRG.NYC and the entity responsible for its content:

Corporate Information:

Website: MRG.NYC

Corporate Name:


Registered Office:

[Corporate Address] [City, State, ZIP Code] [Country]

Contact Information:

Email: [Contact Email Address]

Legal Representative:

[Legal Representative’s Name] [Legal Representative’s Contact Information]

Registration Information:

  • Registered in the State of [State], United States
  • Registration Number: [Registration Number]
  • VAT Identification Number (if applicable): [VAT ID, if applicable]

Data Protection Officer:

[Data Protection Officer’s Name] [Data Protection Officer’s Contact Information]

Responsible for Website Content:

[Responsible Person’s Name or Department] [Responsible Person’s Contact Information]

Copyright Information:

The content on MRG.NYC is protected by copyright laws. Unless otherwise indicated, all materials, including text, graphics, logos, and images, are the intellectual property of MRG.NYC, LLC. Any unauthorized use, reproduction, or distribution of content is prohibited.

Privacy Statement:

For information about how we collect, use, and protect your personal data when you visit our website, please refer to our Privacy Statement.


MRG.NYC, LLC is not responsible for the content of external websites linked from MRG.NYC. The inclusion of external links does not imply endorsement or responsibility for the content on those sites.

Changes to Imprint:

We may update this imprint to reflect changes in our corporate information or legal requirements. Any updates will be posted on our website, MRG.NYC.

Last Updated: [Date of Last Update]

Thank you for visiting MRG.NYC. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our website or this imprint, please contact us at the provided email address.